Terms of Reference

The Cottons Medical Centre

Patient Participation Group

Constitution and Terms of Reference 2021

The Group shall be called the PATIENT PARTICIPATION GROUP (PPG) of The Cottons Medical Centre, Raunds, Northamptonshire. It is affiliated to the National Association for Patient Participation (NAPP).

Aims of the Group:

The aim of the PPG is to encourage co-operation between the Practice and the Patients to the benefit of both. To further promote the health & wellbeing of the patients in the Practice without distraction to healthcare services.


Membership is open to all patients of The Cottons Medical Centre in Raunds. Removal of a patient from the Practice list, for whatever reason, will disqualify continuing membership of the Group.

The Committee:

  • Chair: Helen Boto
  • Vice Chair: John Fryatt
  • Secretary: Janet Harper
  • Treasurer: Jenny Randall
  • Practice Manager: Samuel Adams

Ground Rules:

  • All opinions will be respected.
  • Discrimination will not be tolerated.
  • All matters will be treated as confidential.
  • All meetings will take place on a regular basis and will be purposeful.
  • Personal complaints cannot be dealt with and must be addressed in writing to the Practice Manager.

The Constitution:

The specific purposes of the group will be encapsulated in the Terms of Reference.

The nominated officers will serve for a term of one year. Officers will be elected by the PPG membership at the AGM on an annual basis. Officers do not have to continue longer in their roles after their term if they are unable to do so. As Officer positions remain on a voluntary, unpaid basis then such positions can be relinquished earlier if the officer requests this.

The PPG will facilitate discussion and offer alternative perspectives, input and feedback on decisions made by the Practice staff.

The PPG will help develop provision of resources and services.

The PPG will strive to improve communication and patient support.

Terms of Reference:

The PPG wil

  1. Facilitate good relations between the Practice and Patients by communicating patient`s experiences, interests and concerns (from surveys, newsletter distribution and from attendance at flu clinics).
  2. Identify local needs for service development.
  3. Identify/feedback gaps in current Practice procedures and service provision (input from members, involvement in surveys, having sight of QOF findings and listening to patients who attend our meetings with queries/problems). PPG members must be able to distinguish with patients the difference between personal complaints and suggestions for improvements for the benefit of many patients.
  4. Feedback as requested on proposed service developments as identified by the Practice. When necessary to seek wider public / patient views on the above points via open forums / surveys.
  5. Will produce PPG information on a regular basis (minutes of meetings, publish newsletters, input into the Practice website, and keep the PPG notice board information up to date on a regular basis.
  6. We are affiliated to NAPP (National Association for Patient Participation).
  7. Be a forum for health promotion and self-care.
  8. Evaluate and review the effectiveness of the PPG on an annual basis, taking the opportunity to review the Terms of Reference at the same time (The PPG members will attend an annual meeting so they can report progress and receive feedback on the work of the PPG).
  9. Commit to respect Practice and patient confidentiality at all times as per 2018 GDPR.  

A minimum of six members shall constitute a quorum meeting. The requirement of six members recognises that members have external factors such as holidays, illness, family etc. to consider. It would be appreciated if members could send apologies if they are unable to attend meetings however, the PPG shall recognise that this is not always possible.

If a quorum of six is not present, or if during a meeting the number of Members present falls below the required quorum, the meeting shall be adjourned and business not transacted shall be transacted at the next meeting or on such other day as the Chair may fix.

Meetings of the Group.

Meetings will take place every second month with more frequent informal meetings as necessary. The Practice Manager is in attendance at formal meetings. Notice of meetings to be held will be on display on noticeboards. Agendas will be circulated by the PPG Secretary prior to the meeting and all members are given the opportunity to identify items to be tabled. All formal meetings will be held in a purposeful, professional and timely manner.

Annual General Meetings:

The AGM takes place in April each year. The meeting will be held for the purpose of receiving the Annual Report from the Chair and the audited statement of the accounts. A review of the Terms of Reference and Constitution will take place and agreement gained at each AGM.


All monies raised by or on behalf of the Group shall be applied to further the objects of the Group and for the benefit of patients.

The Treasurer will shall keep proper accounts of the finances of the Group. The accounts will be audited once a year by an independent person. An audited statement of the accounts for the last financial year shall be submitted to the annual General Meeting by the Treasurer.


If for any reason or at any time it is necessary to dissolve the Group it shall call a Special General Meeting. A decision is confirmed by the simple majority of those present at the Special General Meeting. Any assets remaining after satisfaction of any proper debts and liabilities shall be applied towards charitable purposes for the patients of the Practice as may be decided.

Next review date: April 2022