Get an GP Appointment faster with Anima

How Does Anima Work?

1. Register

Create an account on Anima or log in using your NHS app login details

Within your account dashboard you can see the status of any request you have made, book appointments and contact the practice.

2. Submit

Whenever you have a health concern, you complete a request on the Anima website.

You can submit requests for a variety of medical and administrative queries.

If you want to request a GP appointment please select the option “I want help with a medical issue” or see our videos below.

3. Review

This request is then reviewed by a GP the same day and an appropriate outcome is emailed to you, along with a text message.


What are the opening times for Anima?

We aim to have Anima open from 8.00am – 4pm every weekday.

Occasionally we may have to close Anima early, see below for more details

Why Is Anima closed?

On some days, demand for a GP appointment far outweighs the safe capacity we can provide. On these days, we may have to turn anima off early because we are full. If you have an emergency in these situations, please call the reception team who will be happy to help.

How soon will I hear back?

We aim to respond to all queries the same day.

Some more routine queries may take us a few days to get back to you.You can always check the status of your query via your Anima dashboard.

What happens if I can’t access the internet or don’t feel confident using it?

Our reception team are always happy to help.

They are able to submit requests for you and can call you back to inform you of the outcome of your request and book you in for the necessary appointment.

Why have we changed to Anima?

GP practices are experiencing significant strain with declining GP numbers and increasing demand. Ensuring that patients are seen by the appropriate clinician in the right place and the right time means that patient care and experience is improved, and it reduces pressure on GP practices, allowing GPs to spend their time where it is needed the most. The idea behind a total digital triage is also to avoid the “8am rush” that has become a problem for many. This approach is supported by NHS England who have advised that GP surgeries consider this approach in future.

Can I use Anima to request a repeat prescription?

Currently, the process of requesting medication through Anima is not the easiest way. We would recommend you use the NHS app to request your repeat prescriptions.

Can I book nurse appointments through Anima?

You can certainly use Anima to request nurse appointments, but these can also be booked by calling reception in the usual way. The only appointments that should be requested through Anima are GP appointments.

Is Anima an App?

No, Anima is not an app currently. It can only be accessed through the website. The Anima team are working on integration with the NHS app and we will update you when this has happened.

You can log into Anima using your NHS app login credentials, or create your own unique Anima username and password.

Can I contact Anima directly?

Yes! We would encourage you to email Anima’s support team on [email protected] if you have trouble using the website.


Please see the videos below that will hopefully help you to navigate using Anima. If you continue to struggle please call our reception team who will be happy to help.

Video 1: How to create your anima account

Video 2: How to add a dependent to your Anima account

Video 3: How to submit a medical request

Video 4: Booking Appointments in Anima