If you are under 50, from the time you start your periods until the time you have not had a period for 2 years, or, if you are over 50, from the time you have not had a period for 1 year, you should regard yourself as fertile unless told otherwise by your GP or Gynaecologist.

If you would like to discuss contraception please make an appointment with a doctor.

Emergency Contraception

There is help for those women who have had unprotected intercourse or their present form of contraception has not worked, missed the pill, unable to feel the coil threads, the sheath has burst or slipped etc.

However, it does require a prompt response from you. You need to consult your GP, by telephone or emergency appointment, most certainly within 48 hours of the first episode of unprotected intercourse in that cycle.

Emergency contraception may also be purchased from a pharmacy. This service is free for under 25’s.